American Made / American Quality

Jennah Sewing Contractors

If you're looking for a small production facility that can handle all your needs, from design and pattern making/grading to production and quality control, then you may have come to the right place.

JSC has a purpose that goes beyond just corporate profitability to corporate responsibility. The founders intend for this to be fertile ground for new designers, small businesses, displaced workers, and workforce re-entry, among other things.

We aspire to become more than just a place where people can get things made and workers can get a paycheck. It is the sincere hope of the founders that through this enterprise people will find a place to grow their product lines and fatten their paychecks.
JSC, if all goes well, will soon be a thriving enterprise where seeds that have been planted will grow quickly in fertile soil, and go on to produce more seeds for the individual, family, and community to plant and further reproduce. We envision designers and small businesses growing to the point of having to outsource and employees having all they need to contribute back to the community, from a fair wage to affordable insurance.

JSC is grounded in years of cut and sew experience and understands the need for reasonable pricing balanced with American quality.

Together we can make "Made in the USA" what everybody wants to buy.

Give us a try.